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Roi Kiouri
Head of Success & Support @ Perceptual Robotics
Roi is an experienced customer success leader, managing Success & Support at Perceptual Robotics. (Ro-ee)
Paula Britta Palm
Customer Success Lead @ Modash
When she isn't managing Slipknot or looking after cats, Paula is building out a world-class CS function at Modash.
Rochi Zalani
Former CS associate. Writer @
A former CS associate, Rochi is now a for B2B SaaS companies like Zapier & Modash. When she's not writing, you can find her engrossed in a fiction book or contemplating a Mary Oliver poem.
Danny Maguire
Customer Success Specialist @ Frankli
Responsible for all things customer success at Frankli, Danny is an Irishman making the most of the work-from-anywhere movement.
Sarah Keliris
Journalist @
As a journalistic writer, Sarah finds creative ways to share the expertise of others. She's also pretty good at arranging flowers.
Ankit Vora
Journalist @
Ankit's super power is to ask questions, extract insights, and share the wisdom of industry experts with a journalistic approach. He's here to help you learn from Customer Success pros.
Ryan Prior
Editor @
Ryan is the SEO & content guy, responsible for ensuring every article is great (and gets found). Don't listen to him about Customer Success, though.
Jakub Skrzypczak
Customer Success Manager @ Toggl
The swiss army knife of Toggl's customer-facing team, Jakub works across success & support for a $10M+ ARR SaaS product.

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